Ultimaker Original+

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Ultimaker Original comes as a DIY kit only and includes a free UltiController!

  • Rated most accurate and fastest by Make Magazine
  • Low maintenance, portable and affordable
  • Print fast and in high detail
  • Think big, print big

Ultimaker Original - version differences
Ultimaker Original comes in two different versions: just the Ultimaker Original or the Ultimaker Original+. The Ultimaker Original+ has some extra features:

  • Heated Bed for better adhesion and smoother prints
  • improved Z-stage for stability
  • New electronics for reliable temperature control
  • New fancap for safety
  • Made according to the CE requirements (no certificate available, because we are unable to get it on a DIY kit our users build themselves)

Getting Started

  • Make your own 3D model or download one from YouMagine.com
  • Let Cura slice your model so it’s ready to print
  • Load your printfile into your Ultimaker with the SD-card
  • Watch your Ultimaker create your model which was only an imagination before

Included in the box

  • Every part to assemble an Ultimaker Original or Ultimaker Original+
  • UltiController with SD-card
  • Power supply and cable (EU, UK, US or AU plug)
  • USB cable for firmware updates
  • Online user manual
  • Full Starter Package:
  • 0,75kg filament reel
  • Blue tape or Glue stick depending on Ultimaker Original version
  • Grease
  • Hex wrenches



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Ultimaker Original+

Ultimaker Original+

Ultimaker Original+ Now Available!*
Heated Bed upgrade kit also separately available for Ultimaker Original.

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